Minimal investment50K
TER costs divided by3
26/5000 Additional performance+30%*

*Based on a historical average considering a panel of competitors. Includes the impact of fees as well as a systematic and robust investment process.

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Invest in a robust and performing core portfolio, in full transparency

  • We focus on the systematic construction of a diversified core portfolio.

  • We cut our costs and yours to maximise your investment performance.

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Our philosophy

Simplifying wealth management and investment.

For us, wealth management and investing should not be complex. It is our job to make them simple, transparent and efficient.

Fyleen serves the interests of your assets thanks to efficient technology and human pedagogy. As lower costs mean better performance, we use technology to offer our clients an effective operational structure. Our platform enables us to reduce our costs along with yours while improving customer experience. Besides, our advisors remain at your disposal seven days a week to support your investment projects and meet your needs.

Easier to understand and more transparent, wealth management is also cheaper with Fyleen. Indeed, costs are lowered at each stage, namely management and custodian fees, transaction and banking costs, as well as exchange margins and fees levied by investment funds.

Plan your financial future with Fyleen and its team, lower your costs and fees, build a robust and well performing core portfolio. Focus on sustainable investment, and benefit simultaneously from satellite investment opportunities. Whether they are small or young companies, real estate, local, social or environmental investment projects, we are constantly looking for original and promising ideas to complement your long-term core portfolio.


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