01.10.19 Am I safe with a start-up like Fyleen?

Entrusting your money to an asset manager often raises questions: is my money safe? Where are my assets deposited? Who are the managers? Are they financial experts? How can I find out how my investment is performing?

These are all the questions to which we shall be answering.

A registered and affiliated company

In order to be allowed to work in asset management, one must be affiliated to a self-regulatory organisation supervised by FINMA. Fyleen is affiliated to the self-regulatory organization of asset managers, OAR-G.

In addition, the company ought to have a legal form. For this reason, Fyleen SA (AG/Ltd) is a Swiss company registered under the number IDE CHE-169.646.365 in the Commercial Register and affiliated to the OAR-G with the number 1165. It fully adheres to the OAR-G framework rules for asset management, which are recognised by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Wealth management in the hands of experts

The founder of Fyleen - Lean Wealth Management, Mr. Lionel Wüst, is a finance professional who has worked for many years in a well-known and highly reputable Swiss private bank specialising in wealth management. He has managed portfolios for many Swiss and European private clients, as well as Swiss pension assets. His experience has enabled him to develop the Fyleen concept.

The objective is to simplify asset management based on proven principles. Risk management is at the heart of our systematic investment process. First, financial planning makes it possible to adapt the allocation of assets to each individual situation. Secondly, maximum diversification of investments reduces the risk, by applying a well-known advice: do not put all your eggs in the same basket. Finally, optimizing costs minimizes their impact on investment performance.

Fyleen's proprietary investment platform, enables you to consult your performance on a daily basis and also to benefit from total transparency on all management costs. This allows better informed decision-making.

Custodian and manager: two separate entities

Although we manage assets, we are not a bank. Thus, we work with custodian partners, such as the Swiss bank Strateo, which manages deposits and transactions. With exemplary security, it offers solid guarantees and low-cost services for investors.

We also share common values: cutting-edge technology, efficiency and cost optimization.

What happens if Fyleen decides to stop his activities: will I lose my money?

Given the global economic and financial context, it is normal to ask this question. In the event of Fyleen's cessation of business, our clients' assets are in any case deposited in a secure and independent bank. Customers will always hold their assets in their respective bank accounts. So there is no risk inherent in Fyleen's youth.


Whatever your request and in the interest of total transparency, we invite you to contact one of our advisors at any time to answer your questions, either by telephone at + 41 22 539 18 39 or by e-mail at the following address: contact@fyleen.com.