• Is Fyleen allowed to manage private clients’ assets and how ?

    Yes, Fyleen SA (AG/Ltd) is a Swiss company (IDE CHE-169.646.365) affiliated to the OAR-G (organisme d’autorégulation des gérants de patrimoine) (asset managers self regulatory organisation) with the number 1165. In addition, Fyleen adheres to the « règles-cadres de l’OAR-G pour la gestion de fortune » (OAR-G framework for wealth management), which are recognised by the FINMA.

  • Why are most actors in the wealth management sector not transparent about total fees or TER ?

    This is very simple : because they are not obliged to. However, regulations are evolving and it has already become an obligation in Europe since 2019.

  • How can Fyleen propose low total fees (TER) ?

    In a somewhat ageing sector, Fyleen is a young and innovating company. It means that we have the chance to implement our vision of ideal wealth management. We can build an efficient company that costs less to operate. Technology also helps in reducing costs.

    Moreover, for most managed assets (Core Portfolio), we focus on passive investment, which requires less research and fewer transactions than active management.

  • What is passive investment ?

    This is a complex topic. In brief, we could say that a passive investor does not try to beat broad markets indices because he believes in market efficiency. Instead, he/she replicates them and benefits from market returns, this at a lower cost since this strategy involves less research and fewer transactions. A passive investor often focuses on building a long-term, diversified and robust asset portfolio.

    If you are interested in the topic, do not hesitate to search for “passive investing” or “market efficiency” on the internet, there is a lot of information. You will also have the opportunity to discuss it with your Fyleen advisor.

  • What is an ETF ?

    ETF is an acronym for Exchange Traded Fund. It means that an ETF can be bought or sold like stocks. Most of the ETFs track equity or bond indices (e.g. SMI, S&P 500). Buying an ETF is an efficient way of investing in a particular region without having to buy each security individually. It saves time and money. ETFs are much cheaper than traditional active funds (~5 times).

  • Where are clients’ assets held ?

    Fyleen manages assets, but is not a custodian bank. That is why, like other asset managers, we partner with custodian banks to hold your assets.

    Fyleen recommends the Swiss bank Strateo, which offers attractive pricing as well as security. However, if you prefer to stay with another custodian bank, it is perfectly possible.