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You will answer a few simple questions about your current and future financial situation.
This will enable us to offer you an optimal allocation of your current assets and a risk profile tailored to your situation.
Your data is secure and will not be shared under any circumstances.
Allow about 10 minutes for the analysis.

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Country, Language, Currency

Saving Capacity

Try to do an expected average on a 10 years time horizon

Please bear in mind that:

Saving capacity = Income - Spending

Income : Salary, Rents from real estate, dividends from equities, etc ...

Spending : Taxes, rent, food, insurance, etc. ..

If your Spendings are higher than your Income, please enter a negative number

Expected Investments

Will any significant investment/divestment impact your Cash Flows ?

Investment : Expected real estate or private equity purchases, etc ...

Divestment : Expected real estate or private equity sales, etc ...

Please only enter capital requirements and exclude any amount financed by debt


Bank Accounts

What is the asset distribution on your bank accounts ?

Cash - Risk/free

The total cash amount you own in your main currency of expenditure

Liquid Assets

The total value of your assets in equities, fixed income, funds, etc ...

Other Assets

What is the total value of your other assets ?

The total value of your assets in real estate, private equity, pledged assets, etc ...


What is the total value of your debts ?

Future Use of your Wealth

Here your will estimate your probable future situation.

The following statements refer to your walth

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