Financial plan

Managing wealth is not just a hobby, whatever the size.

Our systematic and efficient investment process improves your chances of growing your wealth, for you and the next generations.

The first step towards proper investing is to plan your financial future.

For this purpose, we analyse your current financial situation as well as your future expected inflows and outflows.

We are then able to define an optimal allocation between cash, your core portfolio and satellite opportunities in order to maximise your performance while avoiding any uncomfortable stance such as being in need of cash and forced to sell assets at the wrong time.


This part of your wealth is risk-free. It serves to meet your short-term needs and earmark funds for potential future investments.

Core Portfolio

Fyleen supports you in planning and managing you wealth.

Management Philosophy

At Fyleen, we are convinced that overperforming the main liquid markets is almost impossible. History proves us right. Information is flowing increasingly fast and millions of qualified investors are making these markets efficient.


We thus focus on the construction of a robust & cheap core portfolio using lean investment. If environmental and social criteria matter to you, we will advise you on companies that promote ethical practices.

The investment universe we have chosen is a selection of the best ETFs (stocks or bonds) so as to cover all parts of the world and achieve maximum portfolio diversification. Our selection criteria are performance, costs and instrument security

The construction of your portfolio is based on risk and instrument security (correlation). You will have a choice between three risk profiles. To discover which best fits your situation, please click on the link below :

Graphic Table



YearFyleen Core Portfolio - CHF BalancedAverage competitor
20167,3 %1,4 %
201712,7 %8,0 %
2018- 8,3 %-8,6 %
2019, 18.0610,7 %7,7 %
Total22,7 %7,8 %
Annualized6,0 %2,2 %
Risk (volatility)7,7 %5,6 %
Yield / risk0,78
Cost efficiency

Fees are the main obstacle to performance over the long run. At Fyleen, we analyse your current situation and show you how several layers of fees affect investment returns.

Thanks to our efficient operational structure, we can offer you better pricing. We also guarantee full transparency of all your costs, known as TER (Total Expense Ratio).

Breakdown of fees Impact on performance

Typical situation

Fyleen cost efficiency

différence en % 17,6% sur 10 ans

différence en CHF CHF 239 660

Typical situation

Fyleen cost efficiency


Environmental and social criteria should matter to us. They have been too often overlooked as focus was given to short-term profit.

We can observe a shift in thinking and it becomes obvious that a sustainable future will only be attainable if we try to act ethically. As investors become increasingly aware of these issues, we are convinced that an ethical approach will also lead to better financial returns in the long run.

A Sustainable Core Portfolio is filtered according to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) criteria so as to distinguish companies’ practices.

Satellite Opportunities

Once the construction of your core portfolio has been carefully maintained, we look for real satellite opportunities, by definition scarce and often less liquid.

These opportunities can be small or young companies, real estate, local, social or environmental investment projects.

We are constantly looking for original and promising ideas but not yet well-known or marketed.