29.07.19 Lean wealth management: the future of wealth management

You are tired of opaque wealth management and incomprehensible jargon. Fyleen too. Since 2018, Fyleen has been offering a new version of wealth management, democratised and less expensive. Lean wealth management versus wealth management: discover the advantages of the former over the latter.

What is wealth management?

Wealth management refers to all the investment services offered to people with significant capital (1 million and more). These offers are generally made by banks or independent structures. Traditionally, wealth management is known for its high cost.

The new asset management model: lean wealth management

Lean describes a way to achieve an objective, without waste, with superior operational efficiency. In all areas of activity, a lean structure will therefore focus on the essentials, in order to optimise costs while increasing the quality of a service.

The lean philosophy now also applies to wealth management. Lean wealth management is a modern asset management system with a transparent and streamlined cost structure. With this approach, Fyleen even offers to invest from CHF 50,000. The advantages of wealth management as imagined by Fyleen are many. Systematic investment process, cost reduction, transparency, Swiss banking partner, available advisors, satellite investment opportunities: discover the strengths that enable Fyleen to build the future of wealth management and distinguish itself from traditional wealth management.

Systematic investment process

In an aging industry, Fyleen offers cutting-edge technology and a systematic and comprehensive customer approach. The objective is twofold: to provide a clear and seamless customer experience and to achieve a level of efficiency that will inevitably be reflected in the price paid by the customer.

Reduction of management fees

At Fyleen, the total cost (TER, Total Expense Ratio) represents only about 0.9% of the assets under management for an example account of CHF 500,000. Current practices in the wealth management industry show TERs between 2.5% and 4%, i.e. 3 to 4 times more expensive. The impact of this difference amounts to an additional 18% of performance over 10 years.

Simplicity and transparency

Fyleen is able to provide its clients with details of each layer of fees and what they are allocated to: management fees, custodian fees, transaction fees, bank fees, foreign exchange margins, fees charged by investment funds.

Total transparency that is also applied to the explanations provided, as opposed to the complex jargon often heard. Thanks to lean wealth management, Fyleen offers a clear, simple and easily integrated vision for a better understanding of portfolio management.

Local partnership

Fyleen works closely with the Swiss banking institution STRATEO, a local player that shares the values of transparency, efficiency and technological excellence.

A real life consultant

Each client receives personalized advice from a human being. At Fyleen, there is no question of sacrificing advice on the altar of technological efficiency. The goal is precisely to combine the best of both worlds.

Satellite investment opportunities

Once the core portfolio has been solidly established, Fyleen is interested in satellite investment opportunities in small and young companies, real estate and social or environmental projects in order to offer its clients exclusive and promising investments that will complement the client's overall investment strategy.

To conclude

To evolve a traditional industry, Fyleen offers a more efficient, transparent, effective and less expensive solution, while providing a first-class customer experience.

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